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We can't guarantee you sales, no-one can. But with us you are guaranteed the best chance of getting those sales.


We aim to make calls for you, and we aim to make sales. We aren't one of the "phone bashers" with no structure or format. We won't guarantee to make 30+ calls an hour and 10 appointments a day for you, because you wouldn't get any sales from them! We treat every prospect the right way to maximise the call potential. You will deal with one dedicated person for the duration of your campaign who will be with you every step of the way.


Don't fall for people telling you they can get you XX amount of sales and appointments, read what our customers say!! We firmly believe in delivering excellent results but won't make false claims or make the data collected look more promising than it is. This is your livelihood, we understand that, that's why you must have accurate data. We will always give you honest feedback, even if we think that using our services further would be a waste of your time, and more importantly, your money.


Risk a very small amount of money with us, and see the results! This allows you to see how we work and present results without committing to a program for the long term without seeing any tangible results. It also allows for the process to be set up correctly and any problems to be sorted out for the long term.


You will receive a detailed report of every call made, and every decision maker spoken to. All their comments and feedback on your product will be recorded along with their contact details and what the next step needed is to win their business. We can also follow up emails for you.


An initial trial of two days of calls is recommended to begin with to any data you would like us to call for you. We can supply the data to call as well for you if required at no extra cost.