Customer Relationship Management

LHB Consulting recognises the power that a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform provides an organisation in managing customer data and enabling great marketing campaigns.

With over 15 years of experience LHB Consulting are act! CRM providers.

From initial set-up and customization to integration and training, LHB Consulting are highly trained professionals able to fuel business growth with Act!

Independent CRM Consultants

LHB Consulting has partnered with Cymer Marketing Solutions to offer its clients an holistic approach to marketing.

Cymer Marketing Solutions has experience across many CRM platforms. Being partners with several providers allows access to deeper platform insights, dedicated resources and support. This can be shared to develop your CRM configuration to integrate with your business operations and take advantage of more functionality offered.

A small investment working with Cymer Marketing Solutions at the beginning of a CRM project will:

  • Reduce implementation time to utilise CRM benefits earlier
  • Effectively configure your CRM platform to align with your business goals and operations
  • Enable the CRM platform to build business efficiencies
  • Get better returns on your investments